Our Product

Phase Homes are defined by their sectional/expandable design.

What We Offer

Phase Homes are defined by their sectional/expandable design. Our homes are built as sectional modular units at our in-house facility with the option to be built in “Phases.” This allows you to start with smaller sections of the house based on what you need now, and then expand your property in the future with additional “Phases” as needed. This allows your house to grow with you in a surprisingly easy and affordable way!

A beautiful home shouldn’t be a financial burden. Our homes are designed to minimize wasted space so that you can make the most out of every square foot until you’re ready to expand your space.

Years Experienced

Years Drafting & Designing

What can you expect when you purchase a Phase Home?

Smart Features

Phase Homes can include smart home amenities throughout for both interior and exterior features. With the ability to monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world, you can have confidence that your investment is safe and secure.

Contemporary Style

Phase Homes feature a contemporary modern style with clean lines, shapes, and forms. A monochromatic wood and metallic color scheme with minimal ornamentation provides a high-class space that is ready for you to make your own.

High-Quality Builds

With over 40 years of experience in the construction industry, we know just how big of a difference the right materials can make! We use high-quality, low-maintenance materials and finishes both inside and out so you can have peace of mind. We want you to spend your time enjoying your home — not trying to fix it.

Energy Efficiency

Phase Homes use structural insulated panels with minimum splicing, as well as high-energy insulated exterior openings, to maximize your home’s energy efficiency and utility savings. Each Phase Home uses an electric mini-split HVAC system to eliminate the need for air ducts and give you better control over your heating and cooling. Custom solar packages are also available.

Our Process

Our homes are built and assembled off-site in a controlled environment to maximize building efficiency and quality control. These modular sections are then delivered to the home site to be installed on prepared foundations by an approved contractor.

Our customizable pod design allows us to quickly grow your home as needed. Add-on phases can be installed in less than a week so you can start enjoying your new space!

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